2013. c/Tirso 44, Barcelona

Communication space between Tirso and Portell streets in Barcelona

The project proposes, first of all, a small sitting area directly related to Tirso street around the ancient Rúbia water fountain restored on the existing brick wall. Two chairs and the linear wooden bench complete this space. Secondly, a connection to Portell street which will not be definitive until the third phase of the Project to remodel the Civic Axis of Portell is made, but that fits the dimensions of this project. And thirdly, the remaining space, which is treated as a route with a continuous staircase where levels become a gabion benches, and a final section that allows the encounter with the ramp adapted to future Coll project which, in turn, generates a viewpoint space with a linear wooden bench. The solution of the gabion wall is taken by their material, natural stone or recycled, by its adaptability to terrain conditions, by their very simple design, by its rapid construction without foundation, and is also perfectly draining. [<> Use the scrollbars to see the images]

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