2014. Passeig Turull, Barcelona

Public space project in Passeig Turull

Arrangement of a triangular plot, which is demarcated by Passeig Turull, Passatge Turull and a private residence’s garden, being largely influenced by the height difference on the streets surrounding it. The project is adapted to the existing topography and proposes the linckage between Passeig Turull and the space designed through a ladder at the lowest part and a path that connects both streets. In Passatge Turull, the street invades the new space and generates, due to its slope, two platforms with a 90 cm-height difference. These platforms are two sitting areas that communicate through a grandstand with steps that adapt themselves to the existing height difference. In regard to materials, it is intended to build retaining walls and gabion walls for a better natural drainage of the land, softening its image with creepers. Regarding the vegetation, the existing trees (two fig trees, one olive tree, one pine and one fruit tree) are preserved, and flower plants will be planted on the slopes and climbing plants to the retaining walls and the wall bordering the neighboring property. [<> Use the scrollbars to see the images]

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